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MIME Type for extensionless file

(Kristofer Gafvert, March 18, 2005)

IIS 6.0 does not by default serve files with unknown extensions. To serve a file that is not in the MimeMap node in the IIS metabase, you will have to manually add it. You can however not add any MIME Type for an extensionless file. If you use the wildcard character * in the extension box, you will allow all file types to be served, which defeats the purpose of not serving unknown file extensions. This is however the only way to serve files without extension on a default installation of Windows Server 2003. To still keep the server secure, you can install URLScan, and add "." in the [AllowExtensions] section.

SP1 of Windows Server 2003 will fix this problem, and you will be able to specify "." in the extension box, which refers to files without extension.

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IIS 6.0


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