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ASP.NET missing from Web Service Extensions

(Kristofer Gafvert, January 1, 2005)

If ASP.NET is not enabled during the installation of the "Web Server Role", it will be missing from the the Web Service Extensions list. If you later choose to use ASP.NET, you need to allow the ASP.NET Web Service Extension, which can be somewhat difficult if it is missing from the list. There are two solutions to this. You can either manually configure ASP.NET, or you can install it from "Add/Remove Windows Components". The latter option is the easiest:

  • Go to "Control Panel", and double click "Add or Remove Programs"
  • Click "Add/Remove Windows Components"
  • Highlight "Application Server" and click "Details"
  • Select to install "ASP.NET" and click "OK"
  • Click "Next", then click "Finish"

Applies to [?]

IIS 6.0


KB 332060: IIS 6.0: Definition of Term Web Service Extension