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If you wish to contact the author of this website, Kristofer Gafvert, you can do so by sending an email to kgafvert [at] ilopia.com.

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This is the website, I (Kristofer Gafvert) run on my spare time. I do this because I enjoy writing, and I like to share my knowledge with others. I hope you enjoy the website, and use it as a source of knowledge, and tell others about it. I also hope that you respect the rules, and use the website as intended, so I can continue to enojoy sharing my knowledge with you and many others. The name, it-notebook.org, reflects that this is my "private/personal" notebook where i write about my learnings, and share my learnings with others.

This website is not affiliated with Microsoft Corporation. This is a personal, not commercial, website, not affiliated with any company. All revenue are invested in this website, to keep it running.

» Bio

Name: Kristofer Gafvert
Location: Sweden
Born: 1983
Interests: Hmm...haven't you figured that out yet? :-)
Education: Land Surveyor, Computer Science
Job: Business Developer (Land Surveying)
Awards: Microsoft MVP, IIS, 2003-2009